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Seahawks Mailbag: Mon Night Success, North American nation Onesies, saltation

Seahawks Mailbag: Mon Night Success, North American nation Onesies, saltation

Seahawks Mailbag Monday Night Success, Canada Onesies, Dancing Receivers & More
Receivers The Seahawks moved into initial place with Mon night’s convince the North Star State Vikings, and with 1 / 4 of the season still to play, they need already secured their seventh 10-win season within the past eight years. Next up may be a trip to la to face the Rams, however before we have a tendency to flip our attention to it game, it’s time another time to answer queries from you, the fans. As always, due to everyone WHO asked an issue in the week, and apologies if I couldn’t get to yours this point around. And keep in mind you'll be able to submit queries for future mailbags each on Twitter (@johnpboyle) or on-line at Seahawks.com/SeahawksMailbag.

Tim Wakeling from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania asks, “What is Seattle’s Mon night record since Russell Wilson has been within the league?”

A: The Seahawks have an extended history of success on Mon Night soccer, and once Mon’s win they boast the NFL’s best winning proportion on Monday night (.722) with a 26-10 record that enclosed associate degree 11-game Mon night streak from 2005 to 2017. Since Wilson joined the team in 2012, the Seahawks area unit 9-2 on Mon nights, together with wins in 2 of Seattle’s last 3 games.

@rgbspace asks, “What goes on with Tyler Lockett?”

A: It’s been a troublesome few weeks for Lockett, WHO midway through the season was on pace to possess one amongst the most effective seasons by a receiver in team history. Lockett left Seattle’s Week ten game with a shin contusion that was serious enough to need a two-night hospital keep. due to the bye week, Lockett didn’t miss a game, however as Seahawks coach Pete Charles Dodgson noted, he wasn’t at full speed, that contributed to him having just one catch against the Eagles. The hope was that Lockett would have return at full strength, or one thing on the point of it, for Monday’s game, however he got hit pretty arduous by the respiratory illness bug that was going round the team, keeping him out of observe for many of the week, and touching him on game day likewise. whereas the assembly the past time period hasn’t been what Lockett or the Seahawks have come back to expect, it’s a secure bet that he’ll still be a giant a part of the Seahawks’ offensive arrange going forward.
Seahawks Mailbag: Monday Night Success, Canada Onesies, Dancing Receivers & More

Wendy Forte asks regarding the North American nation onesies worn by Tyler Lockett and David Moore on Mon, and Kathie Klatt from Vancouver, B.C. writes to mention she is “very affected with the carrying of the Canadian onesies in support of Luke Willson.”

A: If you uncomprehensible it, Lockett and David Moore, another of Seattle’s sick players, showed up for Monday’s game carrying onesies coated in maple leaves, a rather uncommon pregame look. As they explained to reporters once the sport, it had been a nod to end Luke Willson, WHO whereas contusioned and unable to play in the week, did his half to assist the team by serving to nurse his sick teammates back to health and keep their spirits up throughout the week.

@Edinburghlmp asks, “What is that the feeling amongst individuals around metropolis, is there a true belief the Seahawks will go all the way?”

A: With a 10-2 record, there’s very little doubt that this is often a really, superb team. simply however smart remains to be seen, however if you raise Charles Dodgson or his players, the there’s one thing special regarding this team once it involves the chemistry of the team and therefore the level of belief they need in themselves and every alternative. There’s no guarantees that those things can result in a visit to the Super Bowl, however it may be the kind of factor that may facilitate a gifted team pass though the highest once making an attempt to form a postseason run.

“This is that the team that i believe we’ll reminisce on, there was this deep seeded, long look after one another that comes regarding in terms of harmony that they extremely area unit along,” Charles Dodgson aforementioned last month. “They’re with US on everything and they’re going together with it. They’re pliable in an exceedingly sense. They’re growing into the idea that they'll win soccer games. That’s extremely powerful knowing after you get there. It’s obvious with all of the shut games that we’ve compete. the power to try and do that comes from the idea that they need for themselves, what they're capable of doing, what the fellows around them area unit capable of doing. That’s a really strongness in here. It’s like, the force is powerful during this space. It’s pretty cool.”

The Seahawks grasp they can’t look ahead to the postseason simply nonetheless but, not with the 49ers conjointly at 10-2 (Seattle is presently in initial place having overwhelmed the 49ers), and a with a troublesome finishing schedule bobbing up. however with Russell Wilson taking part in at associate degree most valuable player level, and with the defense approaching sturdy over the past few games, the Seahawks seem like a legit rival.

@GeekBrenda asks, “How do Seahawks receivers decide what dance they’re progressing to do next?”

A: If you didn’t catch it throughout the game—or everywhere social media ever since the game—Seahawks receivers, WHO became proverbial for his or her elaborate touchdown celebrations over the past 2 seasons, celebrated David Moore’s 60-yard score with a well-choreographed dance to New Edition’s “If This Isn’t Love.” Moore aforementioned once the sport that the receivers set “We wished to travel back old fashioned a touch bit, and cover version was one factor we have a tendency to all came up with.”

Andrew Giles from Edmonds asks “Is Michael Dickson is that the best punter within the league?”

A: He’s positively within the language. Last year Dickson earned first-team All-Pro and professional Bowl honors as a beginner, and he has followed that up with a powerful 2019 campaign. whereas Dickson’s average and internet average area unit down from his beginner numbers, he has been higher in recent games than he was earlier this season, and most importantly for somebody whose job is to have an effect on field position, he his promise opponents deep at a high rate, having twenty six of his fifty five punts felled within the twenty, the third most punts within the twenty within the NFL, together with eight of his last 9. Last year Dickson had twenty eight of seventy eight punts felled within the twenty.

@Flashdash007 asks, “Is it worrisome that the Seahawks don’t have dominant wins?”

A: Would gameday be a touch less nerve-wracking if the Seahawks had some blowout wins this season? certain. however Charles Dodgson isn’t extremely upset regarding his team’s purpose differential ciao because the Seahawks keep winning games. In fact, he sees a positive in his team longing these experiences before the postseason, a time once shut games tend to be the norm. If the Seahawks realize themselves trailing late in an exceedingly game or attempting to safeguard a one-score lead, they’ll feel snug in this high-stress scenario knowing they need been through it multiple times throughout the season and are available out on high.



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